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The 60th FIS insignia
60th FIS - Otis AFB, MA 1952-1971
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Rare image of a 60th FIS F-94 Here is a rare picture of a 60th FIS F-94C "Starfire," shown flying over Otis AFB in winter time, 1957 (click on the picture for a close-up). The Lockheed F-94C was flown by the 60th FIS from 1952 to 1959, when it was withdrawn from service. Photo courtesy of 60th RADAR Observer Joe Schroeder.

F-101B "Voodoo" taking off at Otis, 1962. Note the after-burners! Click here for more F-101B pictures and details of the entire McDonnell F-101 line. This image was scanned from a 35mm slide.

Ray Tinnin and an F-101B with 2 dummy 'Genie' missles 1961 picture of Ray Tinnin, 60th FIS RADAR tech, admiring an F-101B with two dummy Genie (atomic warhead) missles. Ray, who took a lot of pictures while at Otis AFB during 1961-63, supplied many of the pictures seen on this page. (Click on the picture for a close-up.)
1962 picture of the RADAR "mock-up", which housed two complete Hughes MG-13 Fire Control Systems, used in the F-101B. Flight line RADAR techs would bring suspected bad "black boxes" here from birds returning from missions with "RADAR out" status, for check out and repair by techs who worked in the mock-up. (Click on the picture for a close-up.) The 60th FIS RADAR Shop ('mockup')
Video jacket for the 1965 movie 'The Russians Are Coming - The Russians Are Coming,' in which F-101Bs do fly-overs. 'Want to see & hear F-101Bs again? A funny 1965 movie called "The Russians Are Coming - The Russians Are Coming" has two F101Bs roaring overhead in the last few scenes and their distinctive sound is unmistakable! Carl Reiner and Jonathan Winters are in it, and Alan Arkin won a Golden Globe Award for his role. Find it at the library, as it is not in stock at most video stores. Click here for a video clip from the movie.
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